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  • “Too often, couples forgo foreplay altogether and speed ahead to intercourse. And in doing so, they may be setting themselves up for failure. “The word ‘foreplay’ sounds like something subordinate, like an appetizer with intercourse as the main course,” says Dr. Susan Block, a sex therapist known as “Dr. Suzy” and the author of The Ten Commandments of Pleasure.”

    Catherine Donaldson-Evans | She Knows

  • “Although her ideals have thrust her into the controversial gray areas of first and fourth amendment rights, she has consistently prevailed over those who try to limit her civil liberties, including the LAPD and local politicians.”

    Laura Rhinehart | Citizen LA

  • “Clowns, impromptu pulsing orgy, nude body painting, semi-nude gods and goddesses, live tribal drumming, spanking, costumes and the overwhelming rhythm of the dance. Where you say? I was at the Dr. Susan Block’s seventh annual Eros Day party…This is one of those kind of events that takes you by surprise….The feeling of the room was acceptance. Would I go back? It’s already on my calender for next year.”

    Lynn LeMay | Adult Industry News

  • [Dr. Suzy is] joined by the Creator of “Girls & Corpses” Magazine, Robert Steven Rhine, known to his friends and colleagues as “Corpsy“, who brought down his latest female nurse protege, Bonnie Rotten, a barely legal 18 year old who’s ready to take on the horror, tattoo and porn world by storm.  After Jenna left the show, Dr. Suzy and Tasia tried to alleviate some of Bonnie’s orgasmic difficulties with a triple vibration sensation.

    Garry “Prophecy” Sun | Sun of Hollywood

  • “Once upon a time, the story goes, the Congo River changed its course, dividing a group of great apes in two. (They were already split off from the apes who would evolve into humans.) Isolated on the Congo’s north side, one group evolved into our famous cousins the chimpanzees. South of the river, subject to a different set of environmental pressures, another group became the bonobos.”

    Lisa Barrow | Alibi 

  • “It was through Real Sex that I first became aware of Dr. Susan Block (“Dr. Suzy” to her fans) and her work as one of the country’s leading sexologists. As I would later discover, she is a dedicated First Amendment activist, private therapist, and, along with her husband Max, hostess to some of the wildest Jewish holiday parties imaginable: Bacchanals in which the traditional stories that make up the foundation of holidays like Passover and Hanukkah are celebrated with such hedonistic abandon it would make that other Jewish sexologist (…paging Dr. Ruth Whatshername…) blush.”


  • “Sex sells, says Dr. Susan Block, so why not use it to save an endangered species?.”

    “Dr. Susan Block calls herself the “Erin Brockovich of the bonobo.” Yet she’s not crusading against a power company poisoning ground water, she’s fighting for a sexual revolution, and she’s drafted one of Homo sapiens’ closest relatives to help her in battle.”

    Deirdre Guthrie | Salon Magazine

  • The pursuit of sexual pleasure has always been clouded by the fact that it can end in pregnancy. But it’s important to be reminded that, like men, women have sex just as much for recreation as for procreation. There’s something reassuring about knowing that. And sometimes, it just feels nice to give as good as you get.

    Carrie Weisman | AlterNet & SALON

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